Accunect™ SelfCare

A 3-Minute Daily Routine for Health, Wellness, and to Energize Your Day!


Heal yourself & heal others

Learn a Powerful self-healing technique for complete family wellness



Saturday December 7th, 2019

9:30 am to 1:30 pm

8th and Railroad Center, 401 E 8th Street, 

2nd floor conference room, Sioux Falls SD



Ÿ*Clear stress and life overwhelm, quickly 

*ŸIncrease energy levels and vibrancy

Ÿ*Improve sleep

Ÿ*Deeper sense of well-being, balance and calm

Ÿ*Gain clarity

Ÿ*Harmonize, synchronize & boost all body systems 

Ÿ*Increase natural immune function

Ÿ*Improve digestion 

*ŸHelp balance emotions 

Ÿ*Boost all body functions

*ŸImprove nervous system and brain function

*ŸSpeed up physical, mental & emotional healing

*ŸSpeed up the processing of life’s difficult events




“My Blood Sugar Level Before: 5.4 and ...The miracle: 4.5 - This is the result after I did the Accunect SelfCare routine. I am amazed even speechless… Thank you for the SelfCare Training this weekend.”

“Hubby cooking dinner - major pain attack (cos of his spinal cyst)... did selfcare and pain diminished... was able to focus and continue!! Yay for SelfCare!!!”


"3 months of self care routine daily- my kidney function improved from 23 to 29; kidney specialist said I would need dialysis in 5 years and now he said 10-15 years due to improvements.  Miracles happen!  Thank you Selfcare!"

“…had had major bowel surgery last year and not had normal bowel motions since. Did SelfCare several times … had my first normal bowel motion. Yay!!

    • ​ŸThe Accunect 8 Healing Principles 
    • ŸThe healing frequency of Accunect
    • Ÿ A Fast Effective 3-Minute Routine for balancing your whole body-mind energy system --For Yourself, Your Clients or Your Family
    • Full color reference manual
  • PLUS - A Fast GO-TO Emergency Technique 

    • Use when you need help to go from ‘Owie to Wowie’
    • For bumps,bruises, upsets & tantrums  
    • Effectivefor the whole family 
    • Alleviate stress, pain and shock - FAST          


  • You will learn the tools necessary to balance core energy systems, allowing you to improve health and maintain wellness for yourself and your family.


    You will also learn more about Accunect sessions and the Accunect courses.


    This fun, easy, heart-centered course will change how you look at yourself and how you view health and healing, forever


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December 7th Self Care Workshop in Sioux Falls, SD


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