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Posted on August 22, 2016 at 1:25 PM

  Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one who inflicted it. And yet there is no peace without forgiveness.

I always thought that I really handled my emotions well until I realized I spent years bottling them away, internalizing them, which ultimately contributed to the manifestation of a serious digestive disorder. I knew I had to find other ways to deal with my emotions- my anger, my resentment, my sadness, and my self critical nature. I would beat myself up daily for never being pretty enough, good enough, thin enough, never being where Ithought I should be in life, beating myself up for the things I did, for the things I didn’t do….and the list goes on and on and on.

It wasn’t until I actually listened to my self talk and paid attention to my emotions when they arose, that I discovered how I spent the majority of my day being pissed off, angry, frustrated, sad, and worried. I did not handle my emotions well nor did I understand forgiveness. Emotions are neither good or bad, but not processing them and allowing them to stay “charged” in the body was causing internal conflict. I was not forgiving myself for my imperfections and forgiving others for the wounds they had inflicted on me. And due to this, the internal struggle continued impacting my overall health. 

I couldn’t forgive myself for the failure of an 8 year relationship. I couldn’t forgive myself for all my imperfections. I grew very resentful towards my family for allowing constant negativity and toxic relationships to continue and never choosing to do anything to improve the situation. I was frustrated, angry, and my body/mind was filled with chaos and no peace. There was too much emotional bullshit. We have to deal with our emotions and if we don’t it will negatively impact our life and health and prevent us from being the person we are meant to be in this lifetime.

So I had to break the vicious cycle. True forgiveness prevents other people form destroying your heart. I knew that I needed peace in my own heart to continue my journey on this planet. I searched for different techniques, affirmations, counseling, regression therapy, holistic systems to help me with this. They all have served their purpose in helping me grow as a person.

One of the most simple and effective ways I have found to forgive is this very simple prayer that was given to me by Whitney Lamb who I randomly (truly nothing is a coincidence) met through the internet. I followed the instructions given and said the prayer in the morning and evening. Then one morning after I said the prayer, I just broke down. Tears flowed through my eyes, but they were not tears of sadness but tears of gratitude. I had come to terms with myself and with the person I needed to forgive. Something had lifted and I felt it. The emotions and pain I felt towards this person and myself had shifted. So I am sharing it with all of you, in hopes that you too can find some peace in your life.

Forgiveness is the only way to heal and a gift to your heart! You deserve it.


Directions: Every morning before you wake and every evening before you sleep for at least 10 days to two weeks, you are to sit and be still. Close your eyes. Picture the soul you wish to forgive smiling and happy. Then say the following, out loud, to this soul:

“____________________, I forgive You for Everything you’ve ever said or done to me in thought, word, or deed that has caused me pain in this or in any other lifetime.

You are Free and I am Free

And ________________, I ask that you forgive Me for Anything that I’ve ever said or done to you in thought, word, or deed in this or any other lifetime that has caused you pain.

You are Free and I am Free

Thank you, God for this opportunity to forgive ______________ and to forgive myself.”

You will “Know” when to cease saying this on a daily basis when you have True Release sometime after 10 to 2 weeks. That release may be crying, laughter, a feeling of well-being…anything. You will also find that you have changed your attitude towards this soul and that this soul’s attitude will change towards you too! You will now begin to really see what the problem is and begin to work with that Karma and neutralize it, freeing yourself from pain, becoming happier, healthier and more peaceful in mind, body, and spirit.

Please consider using this prayer so that you may have a new sense of freedom and Love in your heart. Amen! 

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