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Is this you?........

DO you look in the mirror and see all of your flaws-the belly fat, the saddle bags, the cellulite and feel overwhelmed with sadness, disgust, shame, guilt, and wonder how the heck you let yourself get here again?  


Do you feel like a failure even after all of your efforts to try everything and anything to lose weight ….that you  find yourself on the couch again with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates,  binge watching Netflix and you vow to start your health lifestyle on Monday?


Do you beat yourself up and feel frustrated for spending all the time, effort, and money with little  progress for all your efforts?


Do you feel buried beneath emotional baggage, traumas, and old wounds,   some so powerful and deep---that you don’t even want to go there,--- so you numb yourself with food because you don’t want  to feel the pain and negative emotions----the anger, the hopelessness, the discomfort, the shame, the blame, or guilt. 

Are you ready to.....


Let go of the stories you tell yourself that keep you from reaching your health and fitness goals


Clear programming that keep you holding onto excess weight


Creating  a balanced relationship with food and your body


Rekindling your love for yourself  and embrace who you are


Release the idea that your weight defines who you are


Finally stop emotionally numbing yourself and sabotaging your greatest efforts to get healthy and strong


Time to embrace who you are


You deserve to be healthy and strong


Time to realign with your ideal body size


You are far more powerful than you are permitted to believe. 

 The mind can heal the body.

 You can shed layers of resistance and blocks  preventing you from reaching your ideal body size, seeing your worth, seeing your value, and reaching your full potential.

You are a magical soul with a magical body!

​6 Week Magical Program includes

  • Six Group Healing Sessions

    Six Powerful One hour Group Healing Sessions performed on Zoom and recorded for your convenient access anytime using various tools.  Enjoy a VIP Facebook Group for additional support from me during this journey. 

  • Sacred Soul Alignments

    Receive alignments to release trapped emotions, traumas, and negative programming in order  to learn to love your body and realign with your ideal body size

  • Belief Downloads

    Receive Transformational Downloads to reprogram the brain and heart to create new neural pathways to shed access weight, to improve your relationship with food and your body, and to make healthy choices

  • Belief Clearing

    Release old subconscious programing that prevent you from loving yourself, your body, and prevent you from losing weight and having a healthy relationship with food.

  • ​Journey into a past life

    Set your intention for transformation as we journey into a past life to release your blocks around weightless, health, and body acceptance

  • Learn  Energetic Boundaries


    Learn to maintain your energy boundaries so you do not turn to food to ground your energy or to numb your emotions

  • Tune In to Your Body's Wisdom


    Learn simple techniques to tune into your energy to discover the best foods that support your body. 

  • Accunect Balancing

     Uncover the unique health map to support our health journey by giving the body subtle suggestions to improve communication, ignite metabolism, and balance the energy systems of the body

  • Mudras, acupressure points, essential oils

    Learn techniques, acupressure points, and oils that improve digestion, metabolism, and support weight loss 

  • Energy techniques

     Learn tools that release stress and overwhelm to boost kidney chi  so you have motivation for self care.    


    Learn a powerful emotional clearing technique to balance the organs and release stuck body emotions so you can resolve emotional eating patterns

  • Lifetime access to recordings



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We are connected -  to the planet, to the Source, to ourselves, to each other.  Awaken to this connection, and observe how the shift in consciousness impacts your life

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