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Experience the Power of All the Healing Modalities I use (except QHHT)  in the Comfort of Your Own Home. Don't let distance or scheduling difficulties prevent you from receiving the benefits of these complimentary modalities.

Distance Sessions work to restore balance, bring inner harmony and peace, to re-energise the body, to support the body's own immune system and so aid recovery, as well as inducing relaxation. Distance Sessions are excellent for relieving modern day pressures and stresses and provide support during difficult times in your life.
Remote sessions are used when it is physically impossible for the client to be present or if the client prefers to work remotely and relax in the comfort of their own home.  Distance sessions prove to be remarkably effective. In fact, distance sessions are entirely non-invasive to the nervous system and, as a result frequently yield even greater results.

​Many people are surprised to learn that energy healing can be performed over long distances. In fact, a large number of clients receive their sessions remotely.  Children benefit from distance sessions immensely as they are very receptive to healing energy and are not required to lay quietly on a table for an extended period of time which is often difficult for them to do.
How do Distance sessions work?

Distance sessions are performed remotely by the practioner.

Our bodies can act as receivers, just as a radio, television or cell phone receives waves of information. We are essentially wireless forms of transmission and reception.

As quantum physics and consciousness-based modalities have found, we are all connected on a mind-level. If you understand the close connection between your mind and your body, it also means that via a mind-connection we can help bring balance and healing to your body, through the distance session. The client receives the energy healing  sessions at a set time that is agreed upon before your session.

Distance sessions are equally as effective as in person and research has been done and discovered that distance sessions can be more effective for certain issues.

Receiving the distance healing session

You receive the distance healing session in the convenience of your home at a set time that we have established by email or chatting by phone. It would be ideal if you could be relaxing when you receive the session.  After the session is over you will receive an outline of the session or you will actively be involved with your session over the phone/skype.

Effectiveness of distance sessions

The results of a long-term study on the effects of distance BodyTalk has been published in the Journal Of Pain Management.  There are many other studies showing the effectiveness of energy healing modalities.  This is just one example. 

The study investigated whether people with chronic pain conditions showed improvements in pain, emotional factors, and overall health measures following 8 weekly distance BodyTalk treatments.

This initial evaluation of BodyTalk suggests that distance work is effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain, including anxiety.

The results are equally effective done by distance as they are in person.

Distance sessions for children

Distance sessions work really well for children, as it is really hard for a young child to sit still for 60 mins. It is recommended for childrens sessions to be done by distance. The results are even better for children when done by distance as they have no distraction and children are very connected to themselves and are able to shift things quickly.  

Contact me for your Distance healing session today.  You will be amazed by the healing shifts and changes that occur!