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Are you ready to transform your life by freeing yourself from inflammation?

IMAGINE what life would look like when you...........

  • Free yourself from chronic aches and pains
  • Eliminate food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies
  • Release yourself from the struggle of addictions
  • Have a powerful immune system that keeps you healthy and well
  • Feel energized rather than exhausted at the end of the day
  • Have the ability to heal from the root cause rather than placing a band aid on your symptoms


You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You desire more peace, balance, and harmony in your body and your life.

You are ready to free yourself from inflammation that robs you of your perfect health and life.


Dig deeper and heal the emotional and mental root causes of inflammation so you can feel energized and vibrant.

Create balance and harmony with your relationship with foods, your body, and your environment. 

Dissolve resistance in your emotional, mental,  and energetic space so you can manifest the healthy and dynamic body you desire.


We delete the negative programming and clear the emotional charges that keep our body in a state of resistance, that keep us stuck in fight or flight mode, (sympathetic mode), that keep us stressed out preventing our bodies from returning to a state of balance, peace, and harmony (parasympathetic mode) where we have optimal self-repair and healing capabilities.  



You are far more powerful than you are permitted to believe.

IN FACT, every medical study has proven one simple fact: The mind can heal the body. Few drugs can equal the body’s self-healing capabilities. 


This comprehensive 10 week program includes: 

  • 10 weeks of 1 hour group healing sessions online using zoom

  • Clearing of  negative beliefs, traumas, & emotions to release resistance

  • 101 transformational feeling downloads to create space for healing

  • Learn muscle checking to determine  your body's health needs

  • Learn techniques to ground your energy and connect to a positive environment for healing

  • Join a VIP facebook group where you receive support from me 


Re-listen to the recordings whenever you need deeper healing, an immune system boost, or are facing a stressful situation that may trigger you.



Use simple and effective tapping techniques from (BodytalkUHP Accunect health systems) to tap into the innate wisdom of our body to identity priority areas that are ready for improved communication and resources to ignite self healing and create optimal health. 



These are powerful energies that clear out old, lower vibrational memories, belief systems, thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of your body, your energetic field and your DNA, (i.e. programming). Receive new, higher vibrational light codes for every cell of your body, your energetic field and DNA. This allows for higher amounts of light to flow through you, increasing energetic flow while creating more sacred space for healing.


Week 1: Introduction to the program and the tools we will be using.  You will learn the Cortices and M/F Brain Balancing Techniques to support healthy communication between the brain to body. We create a sacred space for healing to support all of the work we do. Receive 101 transformational feeling downloads (powerful guided phrases that will help you release negative beliefs and emotions such as guilt, shame, resentment so you can heal faster and more effectively.)  Energetic allergy healing will focus on healthy brain to body communication, calcium, proteins, and sugars.

Week 2: Receive an energetic allergy healing for all kinds of vitamins, sun radiation, and fatty acids and start work with people, places and emotions. Belief work will focus around healing and light (we are all light energy).

Week 3:
Receive an energetic allergy healing for minerals, earth elements and heavy metals. You will learn different techniques to ground yourself and why this is important. Belief work will focus on grounding, being connected, being supported, and feeling joy.   

Week 4: Receive an energetic allergy healing for yeasts, fungus, molds, parasites, salts, and organs, glands, parts of body. The belief work will focus on releasing anger, hatred, resentment, and dual beliefs impacting relationships in life.

Week 5: Learn how to create a sacred space for healing you can use daily. Receive an energetic allergy healing for the emotional heart, the whole skeletal system, the body systems, and more parts of the body. Learn how to use your intuition as a tool for healthy choices.    

Week 6: Receive an energetic allergy healing for an extensive list of foods and beverages. Belief work will focus on releasing negative programming around foods/drinks. You will also receive bonus sacred activations to return to a state of balance and harmony with food. Imagine what it feels like to eat food without FEAR of an adverse reactions.

Week 7: Receive an energetic allergy healing for all chemicals and pollutants. Belief work will focus on returning to balance with our environment, chemicals, pollutants and the planet. You will receive more bonus sacred activations to support the healing of the body.

Week 8: Receive an energetic allergy healing for your home, environment, pollens, dust, transportation, climate and more emotions. Belief work will focus on releasing the reactions and allergies to environmental agents and chemicals in your home and environment.

Week 9: Receive an energetic allergy healing for animals, pets, insects, processes of the body, drugs and meds.  Belief work will focus on feeling safe, clearing negative programming, and returning to balance and harmony with the animal kingdom, insects, our bodies, drugs,  and medications.

Week 10: Receive an energetic allergy healing and belief work for 100s of viruses, bacteria and emotions in order to release the same belief systems and negative emotions that you share with these living organisms that create health issues. You will receive bonus sacred activations to break free from viral and bacterial patterns by releasing negative emotions such as guilt, shame, resentment and self-punishment.

BONUS: GROUP HEALING VIDEO for 3 of the weeks during the program to deepen healing.

****Program format is subject to change.


For a limited time, you can get this incredible offer for the official prelaunch price of $329.00.** 

This amazing price is valid now to March 8th. Early bird price will then raise to  $427.00.**  The program starts the week of March 20th.

***Introductory prices valid only for this round of program.  Program price will double next time it is offered.


Kristi is a phenomenal practitioner! Attentive, intuitive, kind, professional and one of the most compassionate human beings you will ever meet! Her healing will no doubt leave a lasting mark on your life.  

JD, Aberdeen SD

Before I had a body talk session, I had been to the ER three times, a neurologist, a GI doctor, and my Internist 6 times. I had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, an ultrasound, an EKG, 4 MRIs, and a ton of blood work. I had met my deductible for insurance and I had lost my happiness. About 8 months ago, I had pelvic pain, breathing issues, migraines, and chest pain. No one could figure out what was wrong. I kept getting sent to different doctors, which resulted in more medication. I was taking 6 pills before I reached out for a natural approach. I was so weak I couldn’t pick up my son, empty the dishwasher, or barely make it through my work week. I was miserable. The pain I was in was affecting my job, my relationship, and my overall quality of life. I knew all the medications and the doctors weren’t helping, I needed to take control and reach out for help. 


I found Kristi Olander. I have had 3 sessions with her. Let me tell you, after my first session I went from 6 medications, down to 3. After 24 hours my energy started coming back. I had homework, I worked my cortices, 3 times a day(still do.) I started dancing with my son, going on walks, going out and feeling better. My chest pain subsided. After three sessions I am down to 0 medications! She understood everything that was going on in my body, without me telling her. She cleared blockages and helped my body start to heal. She was comforting through my entire experience. She has a true gift and I am so thankful we crossed paths. I don’t know what I would have done without our sessions! She can also help with allergies, I am working on those now as well!    Thank you Kristi for sharing your gift with me and helping me get my life back!  

LG, Arizona