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Are you ready to transform your life by freeing yourself from inflammation?  


IMAGINE what your life would look like when you......


  • Free yourself from chronic aches and pains
  • Eliminate food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies
  • Release yourself from the struggle of addictions
  • Have a powerful immune system that keeps you healthy and well
  • Feel energized rather than exhausted at the end of the day
  • Have the ability to heal from the root cause rather than placing a band aid on your symptoms



You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


You desire more peace, balance, and harmony in your body and your life.


You are ready to free yourself from inflammation that robs you of your perfect health and life.





Dig deeper and heal the emotional and mental root causes of inflammation so you can feel energized and vibrant.


Create balance and harmony with your relationship with foods, your body, and your environment. 


Dissolve resistance in your emotional, mental,  and energetic space so you can manifest the healthy and dynamic body you desire.

The Solution

We transform the negative programming and clear the emotional charges that keep our body in a state of resistance, that keep us stuck in fight or flight mode, (sympathetic mode), that keep us stressed out preventing our bodies from returning to a state of balance, peace, and harmony (parasympathetic mode) where we have optimal self-repair and healing capabilities.  

We reprogram the body/mind.


You are designed to heal yourself.

You are far more powerful than you are permitted to believe. 

IN FACT, every medical study has proven one simple fact: The mind can heal the body. Few drugs can equal the body’s self-healing capabilities. 

The True Magic Exists in You!

10 Week Magical Program includes

  • Ten Group Healing Sessions

    Ten Powerful One hour Group Healing Sessions all performed on the zoom platform and recorded for your convenient access anytime.

  • Energetic Allergy Healing & Belief Clearing

    Release trapped emotions, traumas, and negative programming and release resistance in the body that creates inflammation.  Increase your body's ability to get into healing mode

  • 101 Belief Downloads

    Receive 101 Transformational Downloads to reprogram the brain and heart to create space for  healing. Create new neural pathways in the brain to open yourself to  miracles in your life. 

  • Learn  Grounding & Connecting Techniques


    Learn to maintain your energy to reduce outside negative influences and improve Chi.  Learn how to connect to your divinity to create a space for healing

  • Tune In to Your Body's Wisdom


    Learn simple techniques to tune into your unique body's needs and connect energy circuits.

  • VIP Facebook Group

     Have access to a VIP facebook group where .you receive support from me and have access to all the recordings and training material

But that's not all......

Receive 4 Transformational Bonuses

By committing to this powerful investment in your health,

 you will also receive the following bonuses!



    Re-listen to the recordings whenever you need deeper healing, an immune system boost, or are facing a stressful situation that may trigger you. You will receive lifetime access to all the recordings!

    Receive powerful body/mind upgrades from the Accunect and Bodytalk health care systems to identify priority areas in the body that are ready for improved communication and resources to ignite self healing and create optimal health. 


    These are powerful energies  that clear out old, lower vibrational memories, belief systems, thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of your body, your energetic field and your DNA, (i.e. programming). Receive new, higher vibrational light codes for every cell of your body, your energetic field and DNA. This allows for higher amounts of light to flow through you, increasing energetic flow while creating more sacred space for healing


    Learn to balance the internal organs and clear the main emotions that contribute to stress and dis-ease in 2-4 minutes with this Accunect technique.   Release your stress and overwhelm and learn to process emotions in a healthy way with this amazing technique. This has been a game changer for myself and my clients!

 Check out program details below

Week One

Program introduction 


Learn to balance your brain and heart to communicate fully.


 Receive 101 belief feeling downloads (powerful phrases that help you release negative beliefs and emotions so you can heal faster and more effectively)


 Energetic allergy healing will focus on healthy brain to body communication, calcium, proteins, and sugars.

Week  Two

Receive an energetic allergy healing for all kinds of vitamins, sun radiation, and fatty acids and start work with people, places and emotions.


Belief work will focus around healing and light (we are all light energy)


Learn how to increase your light energy vibration







Week Three

Receive an energetic allergy healing for minerals, earth elements and heavy metals.


Learn different techniques to ground yourself and be in your body and why this is important.


Belief work will focus on grounding, being connected, being supported, and feeling joy.  





Week Four

Receive an energetic allergy healing for yeasts, fungus, molds, parasites, salts, and organs, glands, parts of body.


Belief work will focus on releasing anger, hatred, resentment, and dual beliefs impacting relationships in life.


Learn techniques to release anger and forgive so you can heal.

Week Five

Learn how to create a sacred space for healing you can use daily.


Receive an energetic allergy healing for the emotional heart, the whole skeletal system, the body systems, and more parts of the body.


Learn how to use your intuition as a tool for healthy choices.  








Week Six

Receive an energetic allergy healing for an extensive list of foods and beverages.


Belief work will focus on releasing negative programming around foods/drinks.


Receive bonus  activations to return to a state of balance and harmony with food and your body. 


Imagine what it feels like to eat food without FEAR of an adverse reaction.

Week Seven

 Receive an energetic allergy healing for all chemicals and pollutants.


Belief work will focus on returning to balance with our environment, chemicals, pollutants and the planet.


Receive more bonus alignments to support the healing of the body.







Week Eight

Receive an energetic allergy healing for your home, environment, pollens, dust, transportation, climate and more emotions.


Belief work will focus on releasing the reactions and allergies to environmental agents and chemicals in your home and environment.


Learn the bonus powerful emotional clearing technique.



Week Nine

 Receive an energetic allergy healing for animals, pets, insects, processes of the body, drugs and meds.


 Belief work will focus on feeling safe, clearing negative programming, and returning to balance and harmony with the animal kingdom, insects, our bodies,




drugs,  and medications.




Week Ten

Receive an energetic allergy healing and belief work for 100s of viruses, bacteria and emotions in order to release the same belief systems and negative emotions that you share with these living organisms that create health issues.


Receive  bonus sacred activations to break free from viral and bacterial patterns by releasing negative emotions such as guilt, shame, resentment and self-punishment.

Bonus Healing sessions

 Three bonus group healing videos using powerful tapping techniques from cutting edge health systems--- Accunect and Bodytalk. 


We tap into the innate wisdom of our body to identify priority areas that the body is ready to bring to awareness in order to ignite self healing and create optimal health. 


Video release dates dependent on group needs during program.

VIP Individual  Sessions

EXCLUSIVE savings for my individual healing packages or other services I offer for those seeking personalized  support and transformation throughout their healing process.
Together we identify your priority needs  for creating your unique path to healing.
Individual sessions are one hour long over phone or zoom.

The Inflammation To Transformation program with Kristi has given me life!   No joke!  I showed up with soooo much trauma, lack of self confidence and limiting beliefs that bond me.


After the first session I felt a difference. I felt energy starting to shift in my body and began releasing things that no longer served me.


After completing more sessions I am a different person. I have made big changes in my career and personal life and I am on the verge of many more positive endeavors. I am able to meditate again and I have a more profound understanding of myself and my needs and a renewed sense of purpose and self worth.


Kristi’s program has been so beneficial for me that I tell everyone about it! It is just so amazing and the relief for me was instantaneous. I listen to the program recordings often and I feel the more I do , the better I feel. 

Jennine Dolphus

Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

 Kristi's Inflammation to Transformation Program is amazing.  Kristi really helped with my fibromyalgia pain and I have seen a huge difference in my day to day life!  I wasn't sure if this program  would work for me but I had been to so many doctors, pain management places, chiropractors and physical therapists.


I had tried everything and nothing was helping.  I don't know exactly when the shift happened, but recently I realized I am not in pain anymore like I used to be.


My life is so much better now and it literally all started because of this 10 week program. So if you are in pain, if you have issues that doctors can't figure out, please look into this program.  I am 1,000% a believer in this program now! 

Crystal Rose Jacobs

Mother, Blogger

Kristi's Inflammation to Transformation Program is completely amazing. 

I suffer from chronic pain and severe food sensitivities.  Certain foods would even make me vomit.  


After completing the program,  I've seen significant improvements in my chronic foot pain and my food sensitivities have diminished.  I no longer vomit after eating normally irritating foods.  I have found the recordings are very beneficial  to assist me in my healing process.


I am grateful for the continued improvements in my health and her amazing way of helping people move towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Kate Fasching





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  • 4 Amazing Bonuses

  • Lifetime Access 


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We are connected -  to the planet, to the Source, to ourselves, to each other.  Awaken to this connection, and observe how the shift in consciousness impacts your life

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