Past LIfe Regression

Past Life Regression/Quantum healing  is a journey  of the consciousness. There are many mind, heart and awareness expanding experiences that come with a session. People seek out sessions for many reasons; health, disease, clarity, and curiosity are very common situations to address with this.  


It is truly a transformative session during which you will experience one or more of your past lives and receive answers to your questions you have from your higher self, your angels, and your guides.   If you don't belief in past lives, that it not a worry.  We call that part just a story; both are just words and concepts and we'll work with the words and concepts the are most familiar to you.  This part of the session is showing you where issues you are dealing with began because if we know where somthing began we can easily understand it, heal it, and move on.  There are many possibilities of things you might be shown during this part. 

It works!

Even if you are a bit skeptical and uncertain you should give past life regression session a chance.  And here is the beauty of it – the sessions work even if you do not believe that the experience was real.  All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.Healing and miracles occur in this environment often.


This work isn't a magic wand.  Each client is given tools and understandings on how to support their healing and information. The great part of these sessions is this isn't me healing you or counseling you. This is your higher self, angels, guides,  telling you (your conscious self) why things are the way they are and how to move forward in the highest, greatest way. It's very powerful to hear the recording of your session and hear yourself answer your own questions deeply and expansively.

Revisting a past life helps resolve current issues

You are connected with other lives where you have been working through similar challenges as the issues you are now facing. We also tend to reincarnate with the same group of souls so that we can work together on lessons, resolve karma, gain understanding and grow spiritually.  Through revisiting a past life you are able to understand how those challenges were handled in other lives. Simply re-living and re-experiencing creates the kind of understanding that is really transformative. This empowers you to forgive, to let go, to learn and ultimately to make different choices in your present life.  Such deep spiritual healing often translates into the healing of physical symptoms and illnesses.



Session Process

I offer distance sessions using zoom where you can relax in the comfort of your own home.  I offer a select few in person sessions in my local office. Sessions are recorded and you will be provided a digital audio recording.   There are 2 options to choose from--a 90 minute session or up to 3 hour session.   



We begin by taking about you, your life, the challenges that you are encountering and the reasons that lead you to have a session.   This information is important in order to ask your higher self, angels, guides the right questions.  It also allows you to feel comfortable with me and assure yourself that you can trust me. 

Regression process

Next, we will proceed with the actual regression. With my guidance you will relax and be in a state of focused concentration.  You will experience your inner reality by moving your focus away from everything that distracts you every second of every day, quieting down and allowing any and all impressions that come to you to develop.  Each session is Divinely guided.  You will be given what is most appropriate for you to see and know at that very specific moment of your life.


During our session you will need to allow all images, feelings and knowing that come to you to develop. No matter how insignificant or nonsensical they may seem you should not brush them to the side and disregard them.  They could be the thread that pulls you in and allows for the story to develop.  Remember, no movie is delivered to you in a single second.  The story-line develops in a scene after scene and it is only at the end of the movie that all pieces come together.  You should never be concerned if what you see is real. You need to allow it and flow with it, which is really easy to do. Also, please know that every regression is a unique experience – for some it is a visual experience; for others information is given through knowing, feelings and sounds.


After we experience a lifetime or two we will reach out to your Higher Self, angels and guides and ask that they give you guidance, answer the questions you have and heal you physically.  The body is a magnificent machine that can repair itself in the most miraculous ways.  We will use your intent for physical healing and the power of the Divine to heal your conditions, diseases and discomforts.


After you come out of the deep state you were in we will spend some time talking about the experience and how it impacted you.


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