Sacred Soul Alignments

Sacred Soul Alignments are energies from the Creator of All That Is, sometimes brought thru by Archangels, Masters, or beings of 100% pure light. They clear a great number of beliefs (potentially thousands of beliefs per alignment), as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions, oaths vows and contracts, collapse timelines that are not serving us, balance the systems and cells of the body and delete negative genetic programming. 

They activate dormant gifts and abilities, as well as bring in new ones, activate parts of the DNA and crystalline cells in our bodies, activate sacred geometry, increase psych
ic abilities and intuition, and more. 

These alignments work across all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions and realities, across all time and all directions of time. They clear and align in the DNA-including your family 7 generations forward and backward in time, and for the Collective Conscious and Unconsciousness. The Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality is created by Elysia Hartzell.

The session

We will call in the energies of 100% Creation (Heart of Creation or pure source energy, All that is) in order to be fully protected, to get clear, pure information, and to work without the rules and obligations to the lower planes. From there, our options are unlimited. Here is where the magic of creation happens and you are more receptive to change and healing.  You will connect and feel the unconditional love of  creator and start to resolve trapped emotions, believe pattern, oath, vows, and contracts, releasing energy attachments in all your bodies physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and ethically.  All of this is just the beginning.

Type of Alignments available

 There are over 178 alignments at this time and more continue to be added.   The alignments include the following areas:  support business growth, healing and healing powers, spiritual and personal growth, chakra alignment and healing, DNA awakening (12, 36, 84+), nature and magical powers, health and well being, wealth and abundance, love and relationships, and healing emotions

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