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I consulted Kristi to help me with my weight loss goals and she provided a very good package for me over the course of 5 sessions. And wow, those 5 sessions were profound! My sessions with her were done over long distance and even from the first session, I began to experience amazing shifts and healing for my body as Kristi brought up all the beliefs and fears that I had about my body and lovingly created a space of light and healing for me through the audio recordings of the sessions. I feel so much better about my body over the course of 5 weeks, and Kristi made me see myself in a different light - more loving towards myself and nurture my body the way it wants to be nurtured. I am truly grateful to her and the healing.   



I had major life long issues related to trauma and suffered depression and feelings of abandonment and felt broken.  After my first session, my feelings of overwhelming sadness and grief lessened significantly. In my second session we worked on regaining my personal power.  A big breath through from that session allowed me to see that I needed to cut the emotional ties to toxic people in my life currently and from the past. After three sessions, I am at much greater peace and can now interact with people and not allow their issues to affect me.  Kristi helped me stop running in circles and helped me slay my demons.  I now feel peaceful and whole for the first time in my life!   

     Laurie K, Sioux Falls SD.


Laurie K

Sioux Falls, SD

By and through Kristi's insights from reading my energy and her powerfully faithful belief in her cleansing/healing process, I have now reached a space where I am thankfully, peacefully, gratefully, and humbly thinking the pain and suffering I was enduring from harsh entities/spirits was just a fabricated memory.  Yet I know truly that her absolute calm, steady persistence in her cleansing process has helped me beyond words can even begin.  Kristi is a gift to this world, selflessly giving her time and life energy to help to heal, guide and stand beside everyone she meets through this journey.  I am deeply thankful for her guidance, her help, her energy, her as a soul.  I am happy I got the chance to meet her.  She holds strength through spirit unlike anyone I have ever met.     Thank you!     

Derek S

Rapid City, SD.

. I was away from home  and suffered panic attacks, migraines, and stomach issues. I couldn't understand 'how' this could possibly work, but agreed to have a session.I have to admit I was intrigued but definitely skeptical of energy healing. I  was blown away by how she pinpointed my exact physical issues, pain, and discomfort without me telling her what I was feeling physically. She also helped me acknowledge a truth that I  had not even considered;  once said out loud, I began to sob as I knew it was true. Kristi taught me about recognizing false beliefs and limiting programs that we've been holding on to that are not serving us, and helped me to let them go.   Since then we have had a few more sessions where she has helped me so profoundly.  I was having a migraine daily for almost two weeks. After the session, I felt so much better  and true to the other times, she helped me find a truth that I had not acknowledged.  My migraine lifted and I have felt calm without panic. She truly has a gift of healing and I am amazed at her profound intuition. Thank you Kristi! You are a light and a blessing!  

Cheryl W


Before I had a healing session, I had been to the ER three times, a neurologist, a GI doctor, and my Internist 6 times. I had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, an ultrasound, an EKG, 4 MRIs, and a ton of blood work. I had met my deductible for insurance and I had lost my happiness. About 8 months ago, I had pelvic pain, breathing issues, migraines, and chest pain. No one could figure out what was wrong. I kept getting sent to different doctors, which resulted in more medication. I was taking 6 pills before I reached out for a natural approach. I was so weak I couldn’t pick up my son, empty the dishwasher, or barely make it through my work week. I was miserable. The pain I was in was affecting my job, my relationship, and my overall quality of life. I knew all the medications and the doctors weren’t helping, I needed to take control and reach out for help.  

I found Kristi Olander. I have had 3 sessions with her. After my first session I went from 6 medications, down to 3. After 24 hours my energy started coming back. I started dancing with my son, going on walks, going out and feeling better. My chest pain subsided. After three sessions I am down to 0 medications!  She cleared blockages and helped my body start to heal. She has a true gift and I am so thankful we crossed paths. I don’t know what I would have done without our sessions!   Thank you Kristi for sharing your gift with me and helping me get my life back!  

Laura G


A scary story with a happy ending.  I had a trip to the ER and was in crisis.  Later that day, I woke up in intensive care.  Byt the next day, I had improved so rapidly that the doctors were shocked.  They kept saying I looked great and they were not expecting to see that!  I found out that Kristi had done a healing session on me as I requested help through a mutual friend.    When I thanked her for the healing session she had done on me when I first arrived to the hospital in serious distress, she told me that she had not worked on me until the next day.  The interesting thing is that I thought that Kristi worked on me while I was in the ER.  I feel like the healing came BEFORE she did the actual body work the next day.  As if I had access to the energy and could draw from it before she did the actual session.   Her healing work and modalities feel dimensionless and timeless.  That it takes place on such a deep soul lovel, it has a ripple effect regardless of our earthly based quantitative measures.     Two days later I was out of ICU and continuing my recovery.  All I know is that I feel like the trauma never happened and the rather dramatic recovery I was blessed with that day was an incredible gift and I am so grateful to Kristi for all of her amazing work!  

Lisa G


The Inflammation To Transformation program with Kristi has given me life!   No joke!  I showed up with soooo much trauma, lack of self confidence and limiting beliefs that bond me.


After the first session I felt a difference. I felt energy starting to shift in my body and began releasing things that no longer served me.


After completing more sessions I am a different person. I have made big changes in my career and personal life and I am on the verge of many more positive endeavors. I am able to meditate again and I have a more profound understanding of myself and my needs and a renewed sense of purpose and self worth.


Kristi’s program has been so beneficial for me that I tell everyone about it! It is just so amazing and the relief for me was instantaneous. I listen to the program recordings often and I feel the more I do , the better I feel. 

Jennine Dolphus

Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

 Kristi's Inflammation to Transformation Program is amazing.  Kristi really helped with my fibromyalgia pain and I have seen a huge difference in my day to day life!  I wasn't sure if this program  would work for me but I had been to so many doctors, pain management places, chiropractors and physical therapists.


I had tried everything and nothing was helping.  I don't know exactly when the shift happened, but recently I realized I am not in pain anymore like I used to be.


My life is so much better now and it literally all started because of this 10 week program. So if you are in pain, if you have issues that doctors can't figure out, please look into this program.  I am 1,000% a believer in this program now! 

Crystal Rose Jacobs

Mother, Blogger

Kristi's Inflammation to Transformation Program is completely amazing. 

I suffer from chronic pain and severe food sensitivities.  Certain foods would even make me vomit.  


After completing the program,  I've seen significant improvements in my chronic foot pain and my food sensitivities have diminished.  I no longer vomit after eating normally irritating foods.  I have found the recordings are very beneficial  to assist me in my healing process.


I am grateful for the continued improvements in my health and her amazing way of helping people move towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Kate Fasching


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Kristi is an excellent practitioner. Sessions with her are very powerful and healing. I highly recommend her to everyone. 

Mary Nieuwsma

Healer, ND

I was having headaches, pain in my neck, shoulder and back pain, and getting depressed, easily upset and angry.  After having balancing, I noticed more energy and my headaches got better.  I feel more calm, more like my younger self. 

Phyllis Higgins

Sioux Falls, SD.

Kristi was a very talented, intuitive, caring and effective practitioner.  She helped me through a very rough time in my life and always uplifted my emotional and energetic being. Her sessions are truly deep and magical. I feel blessed to have her as my practitioner.  

Monica Rodriquez

Nutritionist, Healer

  I am happy to report that  my feet  mostly my toes were in pain, so much so that I could not sleep even with elevating them at night and now I have no pain.  Thank for the tapping sessions and  giving me the deep BLUE RUB for my feet;  I have not had muscle pain in my left side rib cage either.  I am thankful for that..  Keep up with the tapping sessions! 


Sioux Falls, SD.

Kristi is gifted practitioner and has been a huge support in my healing process.

Erin Rosenblatt

Healer, California

Kristi is a phenomenal practitioner! Attentive, intuitive, kind, professional and one of the most compassionate human beings you will ever meet! Her healing will no doubt leave a lasting mark on your life.

Jennine Dolphus

Aberdeen, SD

If you're like most people, either you don't believe in past-life regression or your simply don't believe that you can do it. I had the privilege to work with  Kristi Olander, whom does the Delores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, not only once, but twice this past year.  Once during a retreat where she did a regression with 5 ladies including  myself.   Everyone had an incredible experience and we all found it very informative and inspiring on many levels.  I also had an additional session with her in a private setting.  Both times I was extremely pleased with her thoughtful, sincere, kind, straightforward, unpretentious, and effective manner. Kristi is trustworthy, because she does not intrude in your consciousness, but she takes you to places, and lets you see the facts as they were. And the facts were fascinating, she took me where I wanted to go, and, under her guidance, I discovered many details which were previously unclear to me. I was liberated by confirmation of what I suspected and discovery of what I needed to learn. 

One example of my first session, was that the very first thing I experienced was a cabin, a stream, a mountain behind the cabin and trees... all my life this scene has been at the forefront of my mine, when my kids would ask, Mom, what do you want me to draw for you, I would always describe a cabin, a stream and mountains with lots of trees, this was a verification that I was on to something real and it forever changed my life.  I learned such valuable information about myself; it literally changed how I felt about myself, as I had always felt like I didn't belong and something was missing.  During the first session, I found out that certain recent acquaintances whom I fell in love with right away, were my children in other lives which helped not only my self esteem, but how I can move forward in this lifetime.   Kristi is dedicated to healing others and I value her services. I am very grateful for Kristi's presence in my life and I can hardly wait until I can do another session.  I have benefited from the sessions I had with Kristi and would highly recommend Kristi for anyone interested in finding out more about whom they truly are and the gifts they are endowed with that are hidden within themselves.  


Marie Riser, ND

Thanks again, Kristi!  I listened to the recording last night.  I learned ALOT. And was pleased to as what I heard.  I had my ideas. You are absolutely right that hearing the words spoken from my SC (higher self) is a brand new experience, moving, thought provoking and helpful . 

D.S.   SD 



I completed the Framework Create Your Vision Program. Everything was very organized! Easy to find! Super clear and convenient. + Content of the program - very powerful! A lot of goodness packed into weekly sessions. Everything very on point. And the program itself super clear, step by step empowerment into said direction. I am super positively surprised about everything! Easily one of my most favorite programs I ever participated in!

Iryna Artyeyeva

Energy Healer

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