I believe in miracles

Dr. Kristi Lynn Olander

Energy Healer, Physical Therapist

Certified Bodytalk and Accunect Practitioner

Past Life Regression 

My mission is to help beautiful souls reconnect to the divinity and power within in order to create healthy, vibrant, happy lives.

  • Your body is designed to heal, repair, and replace itself. 

    You body replaces blood cells every 120 days, skin cells every 30 days, liver cells can be replaced in 7 days and your intestinal lining every 3-4 days.



  • Your body is far more powerful that you are permitted to believe.

    Every medical study has proven one simple fact: The mind can heal the body. Few drugs can equal the body’s self-healing capabilities.



  • The true magic exists in you!

    You are made of 206 bones, 360 joints, 640 muscles and  37.2 trillion cells. 

    You have everything you already need!



A little about my journey........... 

My healing journey began when I set out to  reclaim my health from an auto-immune digestive  disorder and severe food allergies.  I gained knowledge in many different healing systems and tools including Bodytalk,  Accunect,  Universal Health Principles, Sacred Soul Alignments, Energetic Allergy Healing, Psych-K, Delores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression,  Reconnective Healing, and more.  I read all the books I could on mind/body healing, nutrition, natural remedies, essential oils, and how are thoughts and beliefs impact our health.  These tools and knowledge including my educational background in physical therapy, biology, and exercise science  help me to guide my clients to their fullest potential.

What I discovered.........
Dr. Kaimi Pilipovich said it best :)
  • We are energetic beings.  We are vibration, energy, and space full of potential.

  • Your mind and your sense of who you are and your beliefs about why you are here is what rules your thoughts.

  • Your thoughts affect your nervous system. 

  • Your nervous system controls your body and whether or not it is self-regulating and healing itself.

  • All true healing has to start with shifting the mind and the your beliefs.





Are miracles possible?    




Can the body heal itself from illness and dis-ease?  




Do we all deserve abundant health and happiness?




My intentions

  • Help you experience optimal health, joy,  and fulfillment in your life.  My unique approach helps to ignite the body's self healing mechanisms while disconnecting from negative programming, emotional baggage, and old stories, allowing you to reconnect to your authentic healthy self.

  • If you are ready to create lasting change, I am here to help you tap into your inner sparkle, your true magic, and discover the power and creatrix within.

  • My intension is that the greatest good will manifest for you always!